Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Main vs secondary social media platforms

My main platforms are Facebook and LinkedIn. My secondary platforms are Threads, Pinterest and Zzatem. What does that mean? What is a secondary platform?

What’s the difference between a main and a secondary platform

The big difference between your main and secondary platforms is the goal – I’ll go into more detail about this in a minute. But your attitude towards the platforms is also going to change. Your main platform needs to have a consistent stream of quality posts while you can be more relaxed with your secondary platforms.

A few months ago, I was spending too much time on my secondary platforms (I’m looking at you Threads!) and my main platforms were taking the hit. So I completely abandoned my secondary platforms for months. Now that my main platforms are strong again, it’s time to invest in my secondary platforms again.

The goal of a main platform

Your main platform is where you are going to direct people. If you meet someone at a networking event, you want them to follow your main platform. This is where all your most valuable content gets shared and where you can really nurture your audience. Your goal is to convince your target audience that they are your ideal client. You’re going to be directing people to your website, your landing pages and the places they can directly buy from you.

The goal of a secondary platform

Your secondary platform is actually about bringing people into your audience. Are you in any networking groups that only allow you to share one promotional post a week? The post you write for that is exactly the sort of post that you’re going to share on your secondary platform. You’re going to be directing people to your free support, your low-cost products/services and your main platforms.

How to choose your platforms

Deciding which platforms to invest your time in is the most important decision you have to make for your social media marketing. It doesn’t matter how good your strategy is if you share it on a platform where your target audience isn’t in the right head space!

Your main and secondary platforms might change over time. When I started Ace of Media, X (Twitter at the time) was my main platform and LinkedIn was my secondary platform. When I set up a Facebook page LinkedIn got promoted to main platform. Now, X isn’t even one of my secondary platforms.

Ask yourself – why do people go to that platform? And if your business doesn’t fit that reason, it’s not the right platform for you.

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Tesni xx