Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

The Ace Group – Membership Group

The Ace Group is here to support you with your social media marketing. It’s a space to ask questions, to get step-by-step guides and to find accountability. This group isn’t a “done-for-you” approach, but rather a crutch to lean on while you find the best social media strategy for you and your business. My goal is to give you a lot to think about while allowing you to pick and choose what works best for you. 

What to expect

  • A group call every other week about my latest blog. It might be that I have more information to share with you, or it might be that we can figure out together what it’ll mean for your business specifically. Although my blogs will remain free for anyone to read, I will come to you for inspiration so you can tailor the content to fit your needs.
  • A monthly step-by-step guide video to help you navigate the settings and options of the various social media platforms.
  • The opportunity to share your content plan with the group every month. If you only want to share ideas or if you want to ask the group for ideas to finish your plan off, that’s fine too!
  • A prompt to set yourself a challenge every month and to reflect on past challenges. This could be anything from posting more often, to remembering to include a Call to Action in your posts, to trying something you’ve never done before.
  • The opportunity to share your recent powerful post with the group and share why you believe it did well.
  • A small challenge set by myself every month to include in one (or more) of your posts. I won’t ask you to post any particular format, you’ve free to do with it whatever feels right. In other words, this is a post idea that might take you away from your usual.
  • A 10% discount on any temporary support you need from me. 

Sign-up now

There are two payment options, you can either pay £15 every month or £150 every year. Either way, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

In group events

Every so often, I offer in-group events to provide you even more support! These events come at no extra cost for members. Non-members can join too with a one-time payment, no subscription, no commitment, and full access to the membership for the duration of the event.

Upcoming Event

  • June 2024 – details yet to be announced.


Past Events

  • January 2024 – small daily tasks to help you feel more focussed, less overwhelmed and more organised. 

Already a member?

I believe it should be easy for you to update your payment method, swap between paying monthly and paying annually or cancel your subscription. You can do it all here.