Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

About Tesni & Patch and Ace of Media

Tesni Haf Kendell


Growing up I wanted to be a writer or a graphic designer. I wanted to be able to solve challenges and keep learning on a daily basis.

Imagine my excitement when I discovered that I could be and do all those things as a Social Media Marketer!

When I was coming to the end of my working contract in 2021, I realised that the businesses I want to work with don’t need a full-time Social Media Marketer.

They need support, they need someone for a few hours a week and, often, they want to be involved. And so, Ace of Media was born.

Puppy Patchy Poo


As the branch manager of Ace of Media, Patch ensures that I remember to take regular breaks and makes sure I stay focused.

On occasion, he pops on to my video calls to check in with my clients and he likes to think his job consists of stealing my tea.

However, his main job is sleeping in preparation for the walks we take after work. That’s when the “branch” part of his job title really comes into play!