Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Social Media management examples

I help small businesses in a wide variety of sectors and across a range of Social Media platforms. Here are some examples of companies I’ve worked with, what I’ve done for them, and what they’ve said about Ace of Media.


Warm waterproof robes for sporty families

June 2023 – present

Ace of Media is supporting RuggaRobe with their Facebook and Instagram.

While I’ve helped to create a content plan and regularly post out valuable content, they’ve organised some amazing collabs, gone to some great events and been really quick to reply to comments and messages. 

In the first six months, their Instagram page (which had been our priority) more than quadrupled in the number of followers. And more importantly, we kept a strong engagement rate through that growth!

Testimonial from Catherine Dunn, October 2023, Worcestershire

Thank you so much for your help with RuggaRobe and answering all my questions – lots of questions. For a new company and brand you’ve been invaluable.

The Coaching Den

Neurodiversity training and counselling

March 2024

Ace of Media is supporting The Coaching Den with their LinkedIn.

In a 1-2-1 session, I talked them through the steps to set up a LinkedIn profile and showed them the basics so they could confidently start using the platform.

Carnelian Healing

Alternative & holistic health service

September 2023

March 2024

Ace of Media provided short-term support to make a few changes to their Facebook page, ensure all their settings were correct and provided them with some tips to improve their strategy.

Through a 1-2-1 Powerhour, we talked them through the steps to create a YouTube Channel and a Facebook Group.

Testimonial from Caroline Cross, September 2023, Cheshire

Your hour saved me hours of my time not to mention the frustration. Amazing service and wonderful advice – I am a self confessed tech’phobe you have been invaluable and I look forward to working with you in the future! I know my strengths and now have you on my team to assist me with my weaknesses.

Component Shop

Electrical component shop

May – July 2023

Ace of Media supported Component Shop with their Facebook and Instagram.

Although they continued to do the bulk of the work, I supported them where needed. That support might be showing them how to do something, reviewing the content plan that they create, designing templates, doing hashtag research, creating the odd post for them, engaging with groups on their behalf or anything else they felt would benefit them.

The Purple Angels

Utility Warehouse Partner

September 2022 – June 2023

Ace of Media supported the Purple Angels with their Facebook and Instagram.

I started by making a few changes to their existing Facebook page and setting up two Facebook groups and an Instagram profile. Then, I help take the hassle out of their Social Media Marketing. I did hashtag research for them, posted content provided in an optimal way and helped them manage their new groups.

Testimonial from Julie Williams, January 2023, Conwy County

Ace of Media is excellent to work with, she has given my Purple Angels social media sites a complete over hall and increased its visibility by posting and reviewing consistently (which I can’t do!) Alongside a monthly report showing progress. Everyone needs a Tesni!

Mummy & Theo’s Little Baby Boutique

Premature and Newborn Clothing

February 2023 – May 2023

Ace of Media supported Mummy & Theo’s with full management of their three platforms. I put a strategy in place, optimised their profiles, actively engaged on their behalf and created regular content – including images, videos and text.

On their end, they sent me some photos, they created some extra posts, and they got the opportunity to approve all the content before it went live.

Professionals in Partnership HR Consultancy

HR Consultancy.

April 2021 – February 2023

From April to September 2021, I worked for Professionals in Partnership through the Kickstart Scheme. In that time, I provided full management of their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

At the end of my working contract with them, when I set up Ace of Media, they were eager to become my first clients. From October 2021, I provided full management of their LinkedIn Business Page.

We had a chat every month to discuss a proposed plan for the following month. They also had access to all the posts before they went out and can ask for any changes to be made.


Testimonial from Karen Ferris, October 2021, Berkshire

Tesni has been managing and administering the Social Media across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for our business since April 2021. This has involved creating content, images, scheduling, reporting and managing engagement on each platform.

Professionals in Partnership HR Consultancy did not have a presence on Twitter or Instagram and Tesni was instrumental in setting this up for us.

Tesni is a delight to work with – she is quietly industrious, creative and is happy to take as much ownership of your social media as you would like her to. I highly recommend Tesni and Ace of Media.

Jackie Thomson HypnoWellbeing

Hypnotherapy and Wellbeing Coach.

May 2022 – September 2022.

February 2023.

Ace of Media helped Jackie Thomson HypnoWellbeing to manage their own Social Media.

I was here as a sounding board to ensure they didn’t make any big mistakes, and to generally make their Social Media strategy more profitable.

My work included hashtag research, creating images to accompany their posts from templates provided, helping them put a strategy in place, scheduling posts and writing some of their posts. All of my work was focused on their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

A few months later, I provided them with temporary support and repurposed some of their old posts to keep their accounts active while social media temporarily dropped down their list of priorities.

Insight Leadership Solutions

Leadership, executive and personal coaching.

August 2022 – November 2022.

Ace of Media supported Insight Leadership Solutions with a Social Media Audit focused on their LinkedIn.

I made suggestions to optimise their Business page and how to use their Personal profile to support their business. At the end of our call, they seemed pleasantly surprised by the amount of information and usable tips I had provided.

Testimonial from Raymond Smith, October 2022, Wrexham County

I’ve enjoyed working with Tesni in supporting the development of my social media strategy for my business, Insight Leadership Solutions.

Tesni’s advice about maximising the effectiveness of my LinkedIn activity has been invaluable in providing a different perspective in making the most of my activity.

Her social media planner is also an invaluable tool.

The Tropic Pianist Gamer

Multi Passionate Creative, Author & Podcaster

November 2022

Ace of Media supported the Tropic Pianist Gamer with their Christmas Concert promotion across Facebook and Instagram. 

This one-time support included an Audit type review of their Facebook and Instagram pages, a list of relevant Instagram hashtags, a list of relevant Facebook groups, and a two-week post plan. 

Testimonial from Jen Griffiths, December 2022, Anglesey

Ace of Media was able to adapt a plan to my requests, whilst still allowing creative flow. She inspired me to think outside the box, so I could deliver my last two weeks of content in different formats, utilising my chosen platforms.

Efficient and quick to get back to me as well.

If you’re looking for anyone to help with your social media, get in touch!


AJ Physio

Chartered Physiotherapist.

May 2022 – August 2022.

Ace of Media supported AJ Physio with a Social Media Audit.

They came to me after hearing from a client that they weren’t sure if the business was open as they weren’t to be found online.

I helped them set up a Facebook Business page and supported them via email through their first months.

Escape the Crazy

Comedy retreats.

May 2022 – July 2022.

Ace of Media supported Escape the Crazy with their Facebook and Instagram. They came to us seven weeks before their first comedy retreat struggling to get as much reach as they needed. We started working together and their posts reached double, if not triple, the audience.

They were very much involved in the process as we worked together to improve their strategy. They created and posted extra posts to complement what I created and they spent time engaging with their followers.


I supported them by rewriting the content of their website in a more engaging manner.

VoiceNotes Ltd

Transcription and proofreading services.

February 2022 – May 2022.

Ace of Media supported VoiceNotes with a Social Media Audit focused on their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

They were delighted with my “Insightful and useful suggestions” and were using the tips I’d given them within the first month.