Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Short-term Support for Small Businesses

Have you got a big launch coming up? Some time off booked? A chore you don’t manage to cross off your to-do list?

The short-term support I offer may look different depending on your business and the challenges you’re currently facing. Here are just a few examples of temporary support, but please do get in touch to see if I can help you even if the support you’re looking for isn’t listed below. 

Social Media Audit

£55 for one platform, £16.50 per additional platform

An Audit is designed to get your strategy on the right track over a four month period of support.

  • Month 1: I will get your platforms optimised. This might involve setting up a new profile / page or suggesting some changes to an existing one.
  • Months 2 to 4: I will send you a monthly email bespoke to your business with tips to improve your strategy, features you might consider using and how to use them, and upcoming dates you could include in your strategy.

Launch/Event strategy support

£22 per plan

This support is designed to help you promote that big launch or event with confidence. I will provide you with a content plan adapted to your preferred way of working. That means that if you don’t do video, I won’t include any in the plan.

List of relevant hashtags

£27.50 per list.

This list is designed to save you time every time you post. Having a list of relevant hashtags to hand makes such a difference – but it takes time to build a list of powerful hashtags.

Short-term management

Price to be discussed.

This support is designed to keep your accounts active and thriving while you take some time off. It can include content creation and/or active engagement.

Short-term client reviews

  • “Tesni has been a big help to me in 2023. I attended her LinkedIn training and she walked me through how to improve my profile. I’ve also got lots of ideas from the posts she shares!” – Focus Coaching & Hypnotherapy
  • “Your hour saved me hours of my time not to mention the frustration. Amazing service and wonderful advice- I am a self confessed tech’phobe you have been invaluable and I look forward to working with you in the future! I know my strengths and now have you on my team to assist me with my weaknesses.” – Carnelian Healing
  • “I’ve enjoyed working with Tesni in supporting the development of my social media strategy for my business, Insight Leadership Solutions. Tesni’s advice about maximising the effectiveness of my LinkedIn activity has been invaluable in providing a different perspective in making the most of my activity.” – Raymond Smith, Insight Leadership Solutions
  • “Ace of Media was able to adapt a plan to my requests, whilst still allowing creative flow. She inspired me to think outside the box, so I could deliver my last two weeks of content in different formats, utilising my chosen platforms. Efficient and quick to get back to me as well. If you’re looking for anyone to help with your social media, get in touch!” – Jen Griffiths, the Tropic Pianist Gamer
  • “Insightful and useful suggestions” – VoiceNotes