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Finding time for your social media |ft. Dani Louise Smith

Finding the time to post is a very common challenge that I see small businesses struggling with. And, if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that I don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all social media strategy, but having a plan in place is definitely a must! I’ve had a chat with Dani Louise Smith, aka the Queen of Business Organisation, to get her thoughts on the matter:

“Having a system in place means that I can show up for my business knowing what I’m doing. As content is such a huge part of marketing and can often be time-consuming, it means a lot to reduce time spent doing it as much as possible whilst still ensuring I deliver quality content. Having my content system in place helps a lot with this.” -Dani

Make your content a priority

“Time is often a block for many business owners and the reality is it’s just about prioritising it rather than needing more time. If you’re feeling it’s a challenge to fit into your schedule then I recommend having a list of high-priority tasks you plan in first and content be on that list.” -Dani

I love that Dani considers content to be high-priority because it’s so easy to think “Oh, it’s just social media!” – but how much are you relying on your social media to make sales? Considering it a priority means making the time for it and not feeling guilty for using up that time. If you came to me and asked me to do full management of one of your accounts, I’d say that would take me two hours a week.

Post with purpose

“Before you post, having a plan in place is highly effective, which is why I have my system. Content without intention won’t get results so I recommend thinking about the goal behind every piece of content or action you take with social media.” -Dani

Social media isn’t just social media, it’s a part of our business! I know I often talk about the specifics and the small picture, but one thing I love about following Dani is that she’s very good at reminding me to look at the bigger picture. All of our social media goals are pointless if they don’t fit with our business goals.

That being said, the goal behind every piece of content doesn’t have to be huge. Some content is designed to generate comments, some content is designed to make people think, some content is designed to relate with your audience – but there is always a purpose.

Dani’s content system

“How to implement my content system; first of all it’s being clear on who you are and what you do, and from there deciding your content pillars. I recommend 3 to 5 topics, which you can then brainstorm on. Next, it’s thinking about where you need to create content for. I prioritise my clients first, as I run groups for my mastermind and group program. I plan and schedule there first. Then it’s onto my free community and social media. For each place I show up I have a set structure for sales posts, sharing my freebie, asking questions and giving value. This is where those brainstorm posts come in handy. Last but not least, I write a blog for the month and separate that into weekly emails. This process makes content creation faster and easier!” – Dani

I love Dani’s system! If you currently don’t have a system, why not challenge yourself to give this a try? If you do have a system, ask yourself where it’s failing. What makes Dani’s so good is that it doesn’t allow for gaps; she won’t run out of ideas, she won’t forget to bring value where she’s needed, and she won’t beat herself up if her secondary platforms don’t get as much attention.

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