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Overcoming the fear of being on camera | ft. Sarah Fish

For many, myself included, talking to the camera, recording ourselves or even taking selfies isn’t always easy. I have a fear of public speaking, but I’d much rather introduce myself at a networking event than press record and talk to the image of myself on a screen.

However, it is something I’m working on. I’ve had a chat with Sarah of Focus Coaching & Hypnotherapy, to find out more about how she overcame that fear.

I wasn’t happy with the way that I looked, I wasn’t happy with the way that I spoke, and the way that I sounded, and the way that I came across to people. And so because I wasn’t happy with me, I thought nobody else would be happy with me. And obviously I know now that was my insecurities, and me deciding in advance what people would think.

– Sarah

How to get started

Baby steps! I often say that baby steps are the way to go. If people tell me they struggle to consistently post 3 or 4 times a week, I’ll tell them to post once a week until it feels comfortable. Then, increase to twice a week. You’ll soon be posting 3 or 4 times a week without it being overwhelming. The same is true here: give yourself smaller goals.

Just go ahead and make a video on your phone so only you can see it. When you look back, you might go: “that’s funny, that spot I have on my face, you can’t really see it on the camera ” or “oh, I actually look better than I thought I did”. Get comfortable with seeing yourself on a screen first by recording on your phone because you can always delete them. And then just go ahead and be brave enough to either go live or post the video. Because when you do and you start to receive encouragement from people, then it just starts to take that fear away. And the more you do it, the quicker you get over the fear.


Use Facebook to your advantage

I realise that telling you to post a video on Facebook to overcome the fear of posting a video on Social Media sounds daft – but hear me out!

I’ve heard lots of different reasons why people are scared to show their faces. Some are worried that they’ll be recognised by people they know. Some are worried about showing up on loads of strangers’ feeds. Some are worried about attracting the creeps. But what if you had a safe space to practice?

Find a group where you feel safe and post your video or go live there. It’s less scary, you know who might see it, and you can get engagement and support from people.

Quick question: if I were to create a group to provide you with a safe space to practice things like this and to give you small challenges, would you be interested?

Social media helped me because in Lockdown I made a group that was for mums that are juggling home and work. I made a commitment to the group that I was going to go live every Thursday at 05:00. The first time I did it, I practised loads, I put loads of makeup on and I was shaking. And then every week it just got easier and easier and easier. Ultimately, it got to the stage where I would just jump on anytime I felt like it. I didn’t need to be wearing makeup and I didn’t need to think through it first because I was now comfortable with going on.


How it will help your business

The truth is that you can have a very successful social media presence without showing your face – especially if you sell products rather than a service. However, being the face of your brand can be hugely beneficial for your business. I’ll be going into more detail about that in my next blog!

I’ve got a lot more reach now, and I’ve got a few more people following me than I did before. I wasn’t being accessible to everyone. Everything I did before was a static post with lots of text because I love to read. But I wasn’t thinking about the people that don’t love to read or the people that can’t read or the people with Dyslexia and all those things. If I just get my face out there, I’m being more accessible to more people. I’m hoping that them seeing me means that they are thinking, “she’s my kind of person”, because how would they know otherwise?


My Featured Guest

Sarah Fish Clinical Hypnotherapist (GHR/CNHC) is a Hypnotherapist and Life Coach who does amazing work to help people live the life they want. She does a lot of work around anxiety, stress and overwhelm – and she can help you wherever you are in the world!

If you want to hear more from Sarah, check out her Facebook Page!

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