Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Keyword appreciation

We’re about a month away from Valentine’s Day. Have you included it into your strategy? And before you say “my business doesn’t sell Valentine’s Day products so this article isn’t for me”, please bear with me. The truth is, as a business owner, it’s an opportunity. Yes, an opportunity to make money for some, but also an opportunity to connect with your followers.

How you can benefit from Valentine’s Day

If you provide a service it might be hard to imagine how Valentine’s Day could affect your strategy. If you are a HR professional, have you considered talking about in-office relationships? If you are a website designer, have you considered sharing the code to create a little heart? My point is there is always an angle you can use.

It could also be an opportunity to share a little bit about your personal life. Share a poem, share a memory, share your favourite quote. Let your followers see what you love and what you’re like when you’re not a business owner.

The importance of keywords

Keywords are always important. Whether you’re writing a post or writing your bio, you always need to be thinking “what words would my ideal client search?”, and around this time of year, it is highly likely to be related to Valentine’s Day.

The problem is, that’s what every business out there is thinking! So the challenge is to find small keywords that perform well. If you use an overused keyword, you will get lost in thousands of posts, but if you use an underused keyword, no one will be searching for it.

For example, in the last 24 hours, on Twitter:

  • “Gifts for them” has been tweeted over 64,000 times — I would stay away from it.
  • “Valentine’s Day” has been tweeted around 9,000 times — I would consider using it.
  • “February 14th” has been tweeted 328 times — I would avoid using it.

That being said, if a hashtag appears as trending, I would consider using it! Both keyword research and hashtag research is long process, and it constantly changes, but it gives your business a huge advantage!

I can help you

Have you seen my Spades Package? For £130 per month, I can help you for two hours every week. That means I could do the keyword research for you, or help you come up with ways to use opportunities like Valentine’s Day in your business. You could have a Social Media Marketer to hand every week to answer all your questions and there’s no commitment!