Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

How to start your 2023 Social Media Plan

Make it happen!

2023 starts now! I know, your main focus at the moment is Christmas, but the New Year is right around the corner – are you ready? And this is my Christmas present to you: the 7 stages to a stress-free Social Media Marketing 2023!

Take note of all the big events

What’s going on this year? Write down everything that’s going on in 2023. This list will be your inspiration at a glance throughout the year. So what kind of thing do you need to remember? Events (both that you are hosting and that you are planning to attend), planned launches, bank holidays, your holidays, national days, etc…
Here are a few to get you started:
♠ January: Veganuary
♠ February: National Heart Month
♠ March 8th: International Women’s Day
♠ April: Stress Awareness Month
♠ May: National Walking Month
♠ June: LGBTQ+ Pride
♠ July: End of the School Year
♠ August: National Fishing Month
♠ September: Zero Waste Month
♠ October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month
♠ November: Movember (Men’s Health)
♠ December 25th: Christmas

Start a “Post Idea” list

Whenever inspiration hits you, write down your Post Idea. Ideally, these would be unrelated to a specific date and could work whenever. Your Post Idea might be a topic you don’t talk about often and want to explore, random facts about yourself or a type of post you’ve seen someone else do.
Keep updating this list throughout 2023!

Start planning for January

You already have a list of what’s going on in January, and maybe a few post ideas to hand, now it’s time to put it all together. Grab a calendar and plan your posts. At this point you don’t need to go into detail, you just need to know what you want to talk about on which day.
Once you’ve done that, remember to add this step to your to-do list every month. By the 20th of the month, you want to have done this for the following month.

Create or update a list of hashtags

Most posts need 9 hashtags – 3 specific to your industry, 3 related to your business, and 3 related to your post. The first two categories won’t change very much so you can research which hashtags would be best suited (i.e. not too many or too few posts) and add them to a list.
If you already have such a list, remember to update it as some hashtags might not be suited anymore.

Detail your post plan

At least a week before your posts are due to go out, plan them out in detail. For each one you need to know:
♦ What’s the goal?
♦ What type of post is it? (text only, image, video, etc…)
♦ Do you want to tag anyone?
♦ Do you need to include a link?
♦ What post-specific hashtags will you use?
♦ What keywords do you need to include?

Keep track of progress

Social Media Marketing can be a very slow game, so make sure to keep track of your progress. At the start of the year, how many followers do you have? How much reach do your posts get? What kind of engagement rate do you see?
Check this again each month! If you’re not seeing progress, your strategy needs to change. If you are, celebrate it ♥

Accept change

All of this planning will help you create better content in less time throughout the year – but plans change! Sometimes, you’ll have a post ready to go and due to unforeseen events cancel it at the last minute.

If you need help with any of these steps or want to kick off 2023 on the right track, Ace of Media can help you – just send me a message!