Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Facebook’s New Experience

“My Facebook page looks different and I don’t know what I’ve done”. I’ve heard that a few times recently, and if you’ve been thinking that, don’t worry, you haven’t done anything. Facebook has just upgraded you to the New Experience!

The New Experience started rolling out in January 2021 and is still ongoing. I still manage some Classic pages, and Ace of Media only got the upgrade very recently.

I say upgrade but is it really better? When it first started rolling out the general advice was “don’t rush to it”, but now that seems to have changed. I was so happy when Ace of Media got the upgrade!

A new way of interacting

On the New Experience, you will have the opportunity to switch between interacting as your profile and as your page. Once you are interacting as your page, it will be a very similar experience to how you’ve always used your profile.

♠ It’s easy to like/follow other pages and public figures

♠ It’s easy to engage with the pages you follow

♠ You can leave recommendations as your page

This makes it much easier to spend time interacting with your ideal clients.

Having multiple people manage your page

With the New Experience, there’s no such thing as a moderator or an editor anymore.

♦ People with Facebook access will be able to switch into the page, access settings and have full control over the page.

♦ People with task access won’t be able to switch into the page but they can perform specific tasks through Meta Business Suite and Creator Studio.

♦ Community Managers can moderate chats and block people.

What happens when you get upgraded

Facebook will make it very obvious when you do get upgraded. They will notify you and walk you through how to use the New Experience. If you accidentally skip the tour, go to the three-dot menu on the right and choose “Start tour”

As for your page, very little will actually change and your followers are unlikely to even notice. You will keep all your existing posts, reviews and followers.

Upgrading to the New Experience

If you are still using the Classic Pages, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do other than be patient. You will get upgraded at some point!

Going back to a Classic page

If you don’t get on with the New Experience, you can switch back to Classic pages. Go to the three-dot menu on the right and choose “Switch the Classic Pages”.

If you do this, all the content you have created and the messages you received while using the New Experience will be deleted. You will get notified to download it all and you’ll only have 4 days to do so!