Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Avoid social media burnout this Christmas

Christmas is a weird time on social media, isn’t it? Those who usually interact with our content might only be popping on social media to post a few family photos while those who are usually too busy to doom scroll might be spending more time doing so. There are a lot of “perfect” pictures and smiling faces and trying to promote our businesses can feel out of place and quite overwhelming. So how can you manage it?

Schedule some content

I know many small business owners who don’t like scheduling content because they prefer the authenticity of posting in the moment. However, with the hecticness of Christmas, that moment can quickly run away from us – and there are moments you know will happen! When’s the last day people can from you for guaranteed delivery before Christmas? Can you accommodate last-minute Christmas shoppers? What are your 2024 goals?

Scheduling a few posts a week takes the pressure off. You’ll still be visible even if you don’t get a spare moment to put a post together – but nothing’s stopping you from creating more posts in the moment!

Take a break from the marketing

That sounds like weird marketing advice but hear me out.

A few years back, I worked in a little shop for the winter season. All winter, all the customers were in a rush, they’d ask me questions only to make their shopping experience quicker and they’d be gone as fast as they could. Between Christmas and New Year, they’d stop and ask me about my Christmas and they were delighted to have a more relaxed and slower shopping experience.

My point is that between Christmas and New Year, people are eager to chat with complete strangers – but you’re not a stranger! You’re this small business that’s been popping up on their feed all year. They want to chat with you and get to know you, but you need to give them that opportunity.

Actively engage

I say this all year round but social media is a two-way street. You need to be interacting with your target audience in comment sections (on your posts or theirs!). In December, this is more important than ever. Just to go back to my shop story for a moment: I only remember the faces of the customers we had between Christmas and New Year! By taking the time to stop and chat with me, I remember them. So this December, if you find yourself “liking” a post ask yourself why. What do you enjoy about that post? Why does it deserve a like? And then let the creator know!

Keep it fun

Social media is meant to be fun. Yes, it’s a tool to promote your business, but it’s also a space to get to know your clients and to talk about your passion with people who are excited to learn from you. If it’s causing you a massive headache, you need to make some changes – and I might be able to help. My mission is to support small businesses with their social media in whatever form best fits their needs and their budgets.

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Tesni xx