Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

A social media journey through 7 post ideas

Social media marketing is about taking people on a journey. The challenge is that people join the journey from different stops, take different amounts of time to get to the destination, loop back around a few times and sometimes never reach that destination! So here are seven post ideas to connect with people at various points of their journey.

1- Why should I follow you?

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey” said philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Not everyone who follows you is going to become a client. That’s OK. You still want them on the journey so that they can recommend you to their friends and support your business in other ways. But why should they join the journey? What are they going to get out of following you?

Ex: Follow me for regular social media tips but without the “you’re doing it wrong” guilt that I after see shared around. You don’t know what you don’t know – but follow me to find out!

2- Who are you?

Now that you’ve got an extra follower, don’t forget to reintroduce yourself. This is going to be especially important if, like me, you use your business name more than your actual name. Popping up and saying “Hey this is me!” can be really powerful. Remember, people buy from people!

Ex: Hey I’m Tesni 👋 I’m 23 years old and I’ve been helping small businesses with their social media for over two years already! I’m based in beautiful North Wales, love walking and promote my dog as my Branch Manager far too much considering the amount of sleeping at work I catch him doing.

3- What do those technical terms mean?

The words you use every day in your business are not necessarily obvious to others. Don’t leave people behind by not explaining those technical terms. Sometimes, they can be really important words too! Before knowing what “holistic” meant I was always confused by all the holistic health practitioners.

Ex: Have you ever wondered what the difference is between your “Followers” and your “Following”? The first is all the people who follow you and the second is all the people you follow. Now you know 😊

4- Who do you work with?

Once you’ve got people into the “supporter” stage of their journey where they love your content, it’s time to remind them who you really help. Who is your ideal client? Don’t be afraid of losing followers with this post, because if you do, this journey wasn’t right for them anyway.

Ex: I work with passionate small businesses. Your passion inspires me to help you share your story! Without that passion, getting your audience excited about your business is a challenge I’m not willing to undertake 🤷

5- What makes you the right person?

Now they know you can help them, why would they pick you? Besides your personality and quirks that they already love! This could be qualifications, life experiences, big wins, testimonials or details on what makes your approach different to the competition.

Ex: I have lots of knowledge to share but I do so in a way that’s accessible to anyone. I don’t share rules, I help you find what works best for you, your business and your audience.

6- What questions are you always answering?

Have you noticed any questions getting asked in your comments or DMs? Save people time and share your FAQs!

Ex: I don’t only provide ongoing support. Short-term support is ideal to help you stay consistent while you lounge on a sun bed or to get you past that one block that’s holding you back!

7- How do I work with you?

In as little steps as possible, how does someone start working with you? If you only have one journey, like going to your online store and clicking “buy”, share your shop! If, like me, people work with you in various ways and the first step is different for each one, make sure you include the relevant next step in all your sales posts.

Ex: I offer 1-2-1 Powerhours so you can ask me all your social media questions, determine what your next steps should be or get shown how to use a particular feature step-by-step in real-time. Your first step is booking your Powerhour here.

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Tesni xx