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The power of a social media vision board | ft. Lisa Williams

While working on your social media marketing, it can be very easy to focus on the day-to-day maintenance and to forget about the bigger picture. Why are you doing it? How do you want people to feel when they come across your page?

I’ve had a chat with Lisa, aka The Vision Board Queen, to get her thoughts on the subject.

By creating a social media-inspired vision board it will give you that motivation towards your social media dreams and desires.” -Lisa

Why create a social media vision board?

“Vision boards can be created for all aspects of your life, weddings, your home, holidays etc. So why not utilise this fantastic tool for your business? You can even be more specific and create a board for each area of your business, for example, press opportunities and your social media. I will focus on social media, creating a visual representation of what goals you want from your social media will allow you to be more specific in your social media strategy.” – Lisa

One of the most common challenges small business owners face with their social media marketing is knowing what to post. When it comes time to create a content plan, we can often be left staring at a blank page with no ideas. With my clients, what I like to do is have a chat to discuss their plans for the next couple of months, to reflect back on what we’ve recently achieved and to assess what stage they’d like to be at in a few months’ time. I can imagine that connecting with your vision board serves a very similar purpose.

There are no mistakes with vision board creation, the one big mistake I see is when people don’t stay connected with their board. Which then leads to no actions being taken.” -Lisa

What to include in your vision board?

“By creating a social media vision board, you are not only being specific, but you are also really being able to visualise where you want your social presence to lead. What is the true meaning of social media for you and your business? On a social media vision board I would expect to see what social platforms you use, like Instagram or Facebook. I would also expect to see what goals you have to grow your followers. I would also expect to see what outcomes you want from the growth, so maybe more sales or clients. I would also expect to see what actions you will be taking to achieve those goals.” -Lisa

I just have one small note to add to what Lisa said: remember to set yourself a goal for your reach. Of course, our follower count is important and it gets displayed for everyone to see, but your reach is what really counts.

How a vision board can help you find the right platform?

The most important decision you make for your social media marketing is which platforms you choose to invest in – whether that’s a time investment or monetary investment by getting someone like me to support you. To make that decision, you need to ask yourself questions like “Where is my target audience?”, “What sort of content do I want to create?”, “What frame of mind do I need people to be in to benefit from my content?”. Having a social media vision board in front of you can help you visualise all those questions at the same time.

“The right social media platform should feel aligned to you, it should feel right to you. For me when it becomes a chore I would question if it was right for you. I personally love Facebook, this is where I feel it comes more naturally.” -Lisa

My Featured Guest

Lisa Williams is known as the Vision Board Queen because she’s on a mission to help business women to live the life they desire through the art of vision boarding. Vision boards helped her out of a dark place and into a strong and focused space.

To find out more about Lisa, check out her private Facebook group: Vision Board Lounge – Manifesting, Positivity & Crystals

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