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Facebook video revamp: what’s changing?

Facebook is rolling out a better video viewing experience over the next few months which could lead to people spending more time watching different kinds of videos. Are videos part of your Facebook strategy already? It’s about to get better for you!

Three types of videos on Facebook

Depending on how you upload your video, Facebook will consider it differently.

  • A “Live” is a video you’re recording in real-time. Facebook assumes that mainly people who follow you are going to be interested.
  • A “Reel” is a short video, up to 90 seconds, posted in a vertical format. You can scroll through Reels endlessly and Facebook will keep recommending more – meaning they are a great way to reach new people.
  • A “Video” is basically anything else, so longer than 90 seconds and can be horizontal. Facebook assumes people want to watch more from the same creator so once you watch one video, it’ll recommend more from that creator.

The new video player and how it’ll work

Because most people watch Videos, Reels and Lives from their phones, Facebook has decided to group them all together for people to watch. Essentially, when you’re doom-scrolling through Reels, you’ll also get shown longer videos and Lives. You’ll be able to pause, fast-forward or rewind any type of video. And, because Videos are sometimes horizontal, there’ll be the option to watch “full screen” and rotate your phone.

Why this matters to you, as a small business

As I mentioned above, Reels are great for reaching a new audience, but they might not be right for you. Maybe you need longer than 90 seconds. Maybe you need the horizontal format. Maybe you need to record it in real-time so you don’t talk yourself out of posting it. Now, you’re going to see that same benefit with your preferred video type.

Note that this update has been rolling out to the US and Canada first before rolling out to worldwide users. You’re not going to see an overnight change.

Remember, videos aren’t for everyone

It’s important to note, that the algorithm doesn’t actually control what format your audience gets shown most, that’s determined by their personal preference. It might be that your audience doesn’t stick around to watch any more than 90 seconds. It might be that your audience quickly scrolls past Lives. It might be that your audience avoids all video content. You have to learn what’s right for your audience.

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